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As a non-partisan independent expenditure-only Political Action Committee, we are determined to identify candidates that will support the following issues:

Our Mission

The Americans For the Cure of Breast Cancer aims to free the world from breast cancer. AFCBC funds, conducts research, shares expert information, supports patients, and spreading the word of prevention. Together, we fight in order to rid our loved ones of this deadly disease.


Finding the strength to deal with the changes brought about by breast cancer can be easier for patients and those who love them when they have appropriate support services. It is vital that these patients get the support and attention that they need in order to handle these situations as best as possible.


The key to the research of breast cancer lies within the hands of Doctors, Medical Centers and researchers in hospitals across the country. With proper funding they are able to find better ways to detect, diagnose, and treat this disease.

What can we do?

The importance of funding is absolutely critical in the discovery of a cure for this disease that plagues so many people. There are more than 3.1 million women with a history of breast cancer in the U.S. It becomes more imparitive every day that this funding is achieved in order to gain further efforts in this battle in finding the cure.